Hong Kong Based Covers Band

We are a Hong Kong based covers band playing great pop and rock from the early days of the ‘60s right up to the present time. We play regularly and are available for private functions and parties.

We've been performing in Hong Kong since 2006 when we initially jammed for fun.   Shortly after, we were offered the chance to play our first ‘real’  gig at The Wanch – one of Hong Kong’s best known music venues. Our debut was a success and repeat bookings soon followed.   Since then, we have been playing at a variety of prominent venues, including Carnegies, Royal HK Yacht Club, Hebe Haven Yacht Club, HK Bankers' Club, Grappa's Cellar, in addition to regular outings to support "The Wanch - Home of Live Music in Hong Kong". 

The band was pretty stable and kept  the same line up for the first six years but relocation and "day job" commitments forced changes to the team so that Zack and Jeremy remain the only original members.

Over the years, we have built a solid following of supporters and our choice of material is guaranteed to entertain and engage our audience. Our success formula is based on our focus on playing ‘feel-good’ songs that audiences know and really enjoy but do not get covered extensively by other bands. Come and see us and you will see it’s almost impossible not to be drawn in by the iconic songs we play and not to want to sing along or dance. 


JEREMY - GUITAR/guitar synth

Long time Hong Kong resident and band "manager". Started playing "seriously" about 20 years ago under the influence of friends to form a "work" band with the very original and cheesy name of T.Wang. Other bands followed with equally catchy names like The Corleones, The Shakespearoes and then "Spank" before joining Last Orders. Grew up listening to Bowie, Stones, Beatles etc which have more than a passing influence on our set list.



"Discovered" by the original founding guitarist singing in Hardy's in Lan Kwai Fong and easily seduced by the words "I'm forming a band, are you interested?", Zack has been a committed member of Last Orders ever since, bringing a style of vocal and showmanship all of his own, not to mention his more recent fashion statements.

Dave Capulong.JPG

lucas - BASS/Vocals

Lucas has returned temporarily to the band to help out at the big gig at Grappa’s Cellar on New Year’s Eve 2018. The Big Boy from Brazil played with Last Orders from second half of 2016 until March 2017 when work took him back to his home country. A few months later, he returned to Asia and is now based in Thailand. Thanks to some fortuitous timing and events, he was more than happy to step in for this major event.



Scott is the newest member to join the band in July 2018 but is no newcomer to the music scene in Hong Kong, having played previously in and around Hong Kong with Lost Influence and 66 Licks.

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peter - guitar/backing vocals

The big lad from Barrow in Furness, complete with cloth cap and Gibson Les Paul, Peter joined the band in January 2017 and fitted in quickly. A fan of the late Paul Kossoff. With his favourite expression, "Less is more" and only two guitar pedals (Strymon, mind you!), he's very much plug and play and gets a lovely tone.